Friday, 16 December 2016

FFS Friday - Don't

I whinged a few weeks ago about the pool. I have more.

It was one of hubby's must haves when we were house hunting.

I'm sure if this house didn't have a pool he wouldn't have wanted to buy it.

I don't like the pool.

Hubby is obsessed with it.

I think it's a money pit and a total waste of effort. 

It requires looking after all year round yet we only get to swim in it a few months of the year.

Total waste of money.

When we bought the house we knew nothing about pools so didn't do any checks. 

We quickly found out that the pool required refurbishing. 

Goodbye $7,000.

Then the pool pump died.

Goodbye $400.

Now the filter/sand trap thingo has died.

Goodbye another $1,000.

Hubby is trying to tell me that now we have a brand new pool so won't need to spend any more money on it. 

I'm unconvinced. 

He's also saying that it doesn't require much maintenance.

Again I'm unconvinced.

He's telling me he's only had to brush down the pool three times in the last three years. 

I had to do it three times in the last three weeks.

Stupid pool.

Turns out the reason the pool turned green a few weeks ago is because the chlorinator is broken.

Thankfully that was replaced under warranty otherwise it'd be another expense to add to the list.

I look at the pool and see danger. Hubby looks at it and sees fun. 

It doesn't worry me quite as much as it used to now that the boys are a little older. They know not to go inside the pool gates without one of us there and they also know not to get in to the pool if we aren't there.

I still worry about it. 

Last year Eljay persisted in trying to drown himself. Three times he got into the pool without us and each time we had to fish him out. 

We were there every time watching him so he was perfectly safe, but he insisted on getting into the pool without one of us holding him and next thing he was under the water. 

He didn't learn his lesson. 

This year he's old enough to understand that getting into the water without Tiger or I is not a good idea. 

It still worries me though.

Now I get to worry about Shelby (the dog) drowning too.

She can get under the pool gate so I'm constantly checking where she is to make sure she hasn't fallen in.

She's fallen in twice now, thankfully both times we were there and both times she got herself out again before we could get to her. 

It also means that when we go out we have to leave her in the laundry so that she doesn't fall in the pool and drown whilst we're out.

Thankfully it shouldn't be too much longer until she is too big to fit under the pool gate. 

So the moral of today's whinge is this. If you are thinking of getting a pool, or a house with a pool, don't.    

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