Sunday, 19 November 2017

Thoughts of the week

1. The marriage equality plebiscite results are in and the majority vote is yes. I'd love to be excited but it still has to go through parliament. I'm annoyed that the government didn't make the decision themselves instead of wasting millions of dollars. Now that they know what the public wants, I'm still sceptical that it'll get through parliament. 

2. Lip Smacker Tsum Tsum lip balms are available at Target! Finally! There are only four of them but at least we have them here.

3. Lanolips have a new coconut 101 ointment and hand cream. I need them both.

4. We've decided to do up our garden. I want to make the back yard a pleasant space, which it isn't at the moment. Unless we spend a fortune on water our lawn just won't grow, so I'm investigating lawn free options. Mum suggested ground cover.

5. If you're on the hunt for a new sunscreen, Natio's Moisturising Sun Lotion SPF 50+ is good.

Friday, 17 November 2017

FFS Friday - Maybe

This week Chai went back to school. I sent him despite my soul screaming at me not to send him back. Sunday night I couldn't sleep because I didn't want to send him back to school.

Monday morning went okay. I was on the school grounds with Eljay and Tiger, so the deputy popped in to see me and told me that she'd been in Chai's classroom, that the teacher had been giving him appropriate breaks but he'd refused to use his wobble cushion or take his shoes off. She said his behaviour was up and down and that if he wasn't using the sensory tools they offered him then there wasn't much they could do.


He's been traumatised by his teacher, he's back in class with the same teacher, he's had about nine weeks off school, he's extremely anxious about school and they're expecting everything to go perfectly on his first day back.


Now maybe I'm ultra sensitive when it comes to Chai, but really? WTF is wrong with the school? Is it me or them? I just don't understand how they think the way they do.

It's the little things that get to me. For example. Last Friday I took Chai to school for the last ten minutes, just to break the water and see all his friends. The deputy came to the classroom with us and when we got to the door of his room Chai sat down on the bench and didn't want to go in. The deputy and I were trying to convince him to go in when the deputy said to him "But you have to go to school." To which Chai replied "No I don't, I like doing school at home". Heh, that's my boy.

He doesn't have to go to school. If it's not working for him he won't go to school.

Just because he's a child doesn't mean that anyone has the right to dominate him or force him to do things. If it's not okay to treat an adult like that then it's not okay for a child either. 

Imagine dealing with indignities on a daily basis. Monday Chai needed to go to the toilet during class. He asked his teacher and she said no. I kid you not. Can you imagine that happening to an adult? Imagine if you were at work and had to ask to go to the toilet. That in itself would be bad enough, but what if your boss said no? How ridiculous. Yet we think treating children like that is acceptable. 

None of the children are allowed to go to the toilet during sports. Busting or not, they can't go. One girl wet her pants because of that. 

Children who need to go to the toilet too frequently during class time are required to give one of their reward things to the teacher. The adult equivalent of that would be paying $5 to your boss every time you needed to use the toilet. Not okay. Maybe society in general thinks treating children like that is okay, but I don't.

I know my views are not the norm and I'm okay with that. This is why I struggle with the school system. Really struggle. It's just not right. Especially not for sensitive souls like Chai. He just doesn't cope. He shouldn't be forced to cope. He will not be forced to cope.

Wednesday he was excited about going to school and wanted to leave the house at 8am. As we were walking into the school he asked me why he has to go to school. I told him he doesn't have to go to school but that he goes because he wants to see his friends.

When we got to the classroom and he saw what was on the agenda for the day he decided to stay until the end of lunchtime. Winning. Maybe school will work out for him. Maybe it won't. As long as he's happy I'm happy. 

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Interview with Kelly the founder of Lip Lip lip balms

Recently I wrote about a gorgeous new range of lip balms that I discovered on Instagram, today I have an interview with Kelly, the founder of Lip Lip lip balms.

I'm assuming you are a fellow lip balm addict?

Absolutely - I never really got into lipsticks (they always seemed a little too grown up for me) and lip balms are so much better for your lips than lipsticks as well! Plus they come in so many awesome flavours - how could you not be in love with lip balms!!

What started your love affair with lip balm?
I've been using lip balms for as long as I can remember (back when Strawberry Chapstick was about as fancy as you could get). Then when brands started introducing different sheens and nicer flavours it only increased my love!

Why did you decide to start your own range?
My children sort of got me into this one - my kids have eczema and react to EVERYTHING including lip balms, which upset my daughters who wanted to copy everything that I was doing including using lip balm.
So I started making my own completely free from harsh petrochemicals, harsh preservatives, synthetic colours etc and it all kind of snowballed from there and before I knew it Lip Lip was born. The name came about because that's what my kids would call lip balm - I think it must be easier to say Lip Lip rather than lip balm - my 2 year old walks around saying 'Lip Lip' all day long - it's really quite sweet - well for the first hour anyway!

How did you come up with the perfect formula? Did it take long?

Oh gosh it took forever! There was so many wrong batches and nearly there batches - too hard, too soft, too everything etc. My poor friends who are the guinea pigs of Lip Lip must have thought I was crazy!

We believe in keeping it pure, natural and simple so it's all about the way the ingredients work together and how they react with your lips. It was important for us that all the ingredients are not only organic or naturally derived but nourishing for your skin as well. We work together with our suppliers to ensure that we get only the highest quality, certified organic ingredients to use in our products.

What was the most difficult part of starting your range?

Finding the courage. It's really scary putting yourself out there to be judged. Especially when it's something that you truly believe in, that you feel can help people and that you've put your heart and soul into. Every time I send a Lip Lip package off I still get nervous!!

You work together with One Tree Planted - Tell us more about this?

Yes - we wanted to give something back to the world that our children will be growing up in. We chose to focus on reforestation - no small feat I can assure you! So we're really proud of the fact that for EVERY lip balm purchased we plant a tree! It's actually really cool letting people know how many trees they've planted with their purchase - I love it!

Where can we buy your beautiful products?

Our complete range is at

What's next for Lip Lip Lip Balms?
Shhh...Just between us we're about to launch a summer line featuring 4 gorgeous new summery flavours - I'm a bit excited about these ones as they're sooo delicious and the flavours completely sum up life at summer time. So make sure you keep a look out on Instagram and Facebook for the sneak peeks!

Anything new or exciting that you want to tell us about?

Keep a look out on our social media as we'll be running a few give-aways coming up to Christmas!! 

Thanks so much Kelly, I can't wait to try the summer balms :)

Monday, 13 November 2017

Frank Body Send Nudes Lip and Cheek Tint

Every now and again I buy a product and fall in love the first time I use it. It's that wonderful feeling when I know I've found the perfect product and I want to shout it from the rooftop. It doesn't happen often but when it does it's amazing. 

That is exactly what happened when I tried the new Frank Body Send Nudes Lip and Cheek Tint. It's perfection in a tube.

Often lip products labelled as nude are too brown or too warm for me, however the Frank Body nude balm is gorgeous. It's a medium sheer mauvey pink, almost the exact colour of my lips. 

Aside from the gorgeous colour and super hydration, what makes this balm perfect is the flavour. It has a slight, sweet coffee flavour that is amazing. I wish all lip products were flavoured, it makes them so much nicer to use. 

The combination of colour, hydration and flavour is why I'm calling this one of my all time favourite lip balms. I love it so much that I'm seriously considering buying one or two back ups so that I'm never without this in my collection. 

The fact that it also works as a sheer blush and eye shadow is an added bonus. I've tried using it as both and it works well. It gives a very light flush of glowy colour on my cheeks and the same on my eyes. 

I purchased my balm from the Frank Body website in the trio set which costs $29.95 with free shipping. It can also be purchased individually for $11.95. 


Sunday, 12 November 2017

Thoughts of the week

1. Chai starts back at school tomorrow. We are all nervous. He's only going for a few hours three times a week to see how it goes. 

2. We seem to have skipped Spring this year and gone straight from Winter to Summer. So far I am not coping well.

3. I've decided to make the transition to mainly natural, cruelty free beauty products. I'll use up what I have and when products need replacing I'll purchase a natural or cruelty free version.

4. We went away for a few days this week and it was lovely. We haven't had a relaxing getaway for years. Usually if we go away for a few days we go to the city which is anything but relaxing. I'd forgotten how wonderful relaxing getaways can be.

5. Who's done their Christmas shopping? I haven't.

Friday, 10 November 2017

FFS Friday - Monster

There are times Eljay is a little monster. Other times he's a gorgeous little monkey.

The last few weeks he's been a particularly bad monster. FFS.

He regularly tells Chai that he hates him and me that he doesn't like me, but this week he decided to up the ante and tell me that he wishes I wasn't alive. He then went on to say he wishes I hadn't been born and that he only wants Daddy not me. 

To make things worse, we were at the shopping centre when he said it. 

I have no idea where he gets it from. Tiger, Chai and I don't talk like that. How he thinks of such awful things to say I have no idea. 

Whilst I know that he doesn't have any idea what he's really saying, hearing your child say such awful, hurtful things is not nice.

Worse, I have no idea how to stop him. I've explained to him how words are hurtful, we've read books about it etc yet he still continues. 

We talk about kindness, about how being nasty doesn't make us feel happy etc. 

I'm now throwing out one of his toys each time he says something awful. Let's hope that works. If it doesn't I have no idea what I'm going to do. I may have to rehome him.

Send help. And chocolate. And coffee. 

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Lip Lip Lip Balms

I've gone off social media lately, it's making me disillusioned. The one social media site I use regularly now is Instagram. Despite how they've messed it up with their silly algorithm and not showing posts in chronological order, I still manage to find great new Aussie brands. The latest brand I've discovered is Lip Lip, who make a beautiful range of organic lip balms.

A few factors make Lip Lip balms special. Firstly, you can choose your flavour and tint. Secondly, for every balm you purchase they plant a tree. How awesome is that!

There are eight flavours and four finishes available. I chose the Ruby Rose tint for my Blueberry balm and Pink Lemonade finish for the Raspberry balm. Each balm costs $8.95 with free shipping in Australia.

I find the balms to be lightweight, hdyrating and pleasant to use.  They feel light and creamy. I need to reapply every two hours. The oval tube is the perfect fit for a pocket (which is how I carry my balms around, in my back pocket).

The tints are sheer so look like my natural lips, but tinted enough to subtly brighten my face.

Lip Lip lip balms are made in Australia from natural, organic, cruelty free products. Their packaging is fully recyclable. 

You can purchase Lip Lip Lip Balms from their website

The Skin Healing balm is next on my wish list, along with a few more flavours of the lip balm. 

Monday, 6 November 2017

Mecca Max City Slicker Tinted Oil

To my great excitement Mecca Cosmetica recently launch it's own line called Mecca Max. The range consists of 206 products with nothing over $45.

Being a huge fan of Mecca's products I couldn't wait to get my hands on the new range. I purchased two lip oils, tweezers (boring but necessary), a lip gloss, liquid lipstick and an eye shadow. I received a mini lipstick and face wipes as gwp's.

The first product I tried were the lip oils. I was disappointed that they don't have a flavour or fragrance, but happy with the product.  

I sent the liquid lipstick back as the colour I chose was way too pale for me. I also sent the eye shadow back as it wasn't the right colour either. That's the trouble purchasing online, you don't always get the colour selection right. Thankfully Mecca's customer service is excellent so returning products isn't a problem.  

Anyhow, I digress. The lip oils. I purchased two shades, Nude and Rose. They're not what I was expecting but they're nice. Most lip oils are quite light and feel oily (funny that). The Mecca oils have more of a gloss feel and they're a lot more hydrating than I expected. The colours are opaque for a lip balm and wear for around three hours before fading. 


Nude is a cool pinky mauve and Rose is a mid tone cool rosy pink. If I had to choose one it'd be Nude because it's close to my natural lip colour and great for every day wear.

City Slickers are a bargain at only $16. There are three shades available, Apricot, Nude and Rose. 


Did you purchase any Mecca Max products? What do you think of them?

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Thoughts of the week

1. This week the boys did Halloween for the first time. They loved it. Chai has been wanting to do Halloween for a few years now but I've always said no, I don't like the idea of encouraging them to go to strangers homes and collect lollies. This year our local shopping centre had Halloween, how awesome is that! The shops participated with stashes of lollies, so I got to browse the shops whilst the kids collected lollies, it was brilliant

2. Model's Own is at Priceline now! I checked them out but was underwhelmed so didn't buy anything.

3. Whilst we're on the topic of make-up, the latest Shanghai Suzy collection has been released. I'm disappointed that they've raised the price to $19.95. This collection is the moisturising formula and they're bringing back my favourite shade Lilac. I have it in the matte formula with the grape scent (which I really don't like), so can't wait to get it with the new formula and scent.

4. I've come to realise that the mistreatment of women is so ingrained that we don't even realise it. Take for example the way media speak about women. They'll show a photo of a female at the beach and say she's "flaunting her bikini body." No, she's at the beach in her bathers. Or when Kate Middleton went out in public for the first time after announcing her pregnancy they said she was "flaunting her baby bump." No, she was performing her royal duties. 

Every time I see a report like that in the media I'm going to comment on the article and object to the language they use about women. 

We have a voice, we just need to use it.

5. A few weeks ago I started using a charcoal toothpaste. It's amazing. My teeth look whiter and they feel so clean. Full review coming soon.

Friday, 3 November 2017

FFS Friday - No f*&^%ing idea

Yesterday I had another meeting with Chai's school.

It was going well until she said one sentence. 

We were talking about how writing is painful for Chai due to muscle weakness and coming up with strategies to put in place when writing is hurting him when the deputy said that he has to be pushed and get used to pain/discomfort as it'll teach him resilience.

No. Just no. He's six. He does not need to be forced to do something that hurts him. No child should be forced to do something that hurts them.

He should be encouraged to strengthen his muscles and do exercises so that writing doesn't hurt, not forced to continue when he's in pain.

That one little sentence got me wondering all over again. WTF am I doing? Why am I even considering sending him back into an environment that thinks it's acceptable for him to be in pain?

The other thing that really concerns me is that he'd be going back into the same classroom with the same teacher. The deputy told me that she's had lots of discussions with his teacher and that his teacher feels like she should have done more. 

Done more? She did sweet f@#$ all! If she'd said that she didn't understand sensory issues I would have been okay with that, but her saying that she did understand but just didn't do enough, that doesn't cut it with me. That means she knew exactly what she was doing when she constantly punished Chai for behaviours he had no control over. 

Chai doesn't want to go back to school until next year. Tiger wants Chai to go back but is doing nothing to make that happen.  I have no idea what to do. The thought of sending him back to school makes me feel sick.